Making a Sock Monkey…


So this is a little project I’m working on.Almost done..YAY!!But yeah.I can’t wait to see how dis wittle guy turns out! XD I’ll post him when I’m completely done with him.Wooo! Though he looks a little bit creepy right now because he doesn’t have a cute face or arms. Hopefully when I’m done he’ll look as cute as this one!! XD




So..I think my best friend, Jared, and I are growing apart. It’s very frustrating. I can’t tell him what I think because I think it would be too much of a burden for him. I think part of the reason, of why this is happening, is because I had to change schools. I mean we don’t even see each other anymore. We’ve only hung out once since I moved away. We usually text all the time but we also used to chat on the phone almost every night. Lately he hasn’t done much of texting or chatting. I get that he gets busy sometimes but I send him something really silly and he doesn’t even comment on it. He just says that he’s busy. I thought he would at least comment on it AND say that he’s busy but…he didn’t..

I don’t know, I guess I’m being a little ridiculous but I can’t really help but worry. He’s a VERY important person in my life. I’m afraid to lose him.

(Sorry for posting something so negative. I needed to get this out of my system and this is the only way I can do it.)

Mood: Scared, confused, frustrated



Why is love so frustrating..You date someone you like and they just break it off not even a month into a relationship and it makes you think you did something wrong ESPECIALLY when you have no idea why.Other times, you date someone and it’s a complete disaster!!And lastly, you have strong feelings for a special someone that you can’t have!!Whether they are taken, they reject you, or other complicated things like religion and age.WHAT THE HECK!!LOVE IS SUPPOSED TO BE HAPPINESS!!NOT A FREAKEN BURNING HELL!!!UGH!!Why is it so hard to find love..



Cat Facts (my way of describing them)

Please read these facts. I think they will be kind of amusing and accurate.


Cats are like Women on their period.
One second they are friendly and want your affection.The next second they are turning around and biting you, out of no where, for no reason.

I don’t think cats look at us and think ‘hey lovely’.I think they look at us and think ‘hey fatty.I’m better than you.What’s for dinner?’.

(This one I found in a fanfiction I read and agreed.)
Cats are like demons.They are independent and give affection when they want to.

Cats do some of the strangest things, like tackling the Christmas tree.

Cats plot our death every single day.They give up, in each attempt, when you put them in ecstasy, every time you give them affection, in places they like.

Older cats are the best buddies for watching TV all day.

My cat Sadie.Most of these things I’ve learned from her.