Break Ups Suck

Hey, guys. In case you didn’t read the title and just for the heck of it, BREAK UPS REALLY SUCK. My ex-boyfriend broke up with me just yesterday and I’m having a really hard time understanding why. It’s really shaking me up because things were going so well. It makes me wonder what I really did wrong. I tried so hard to be the perfect girlfriend but…..for some reason it didn’t work for him. I’ve never really had a relationship like I had with him before. I didn’t fall for his looks (though he is pretty cute) I fell for his personality, first. We both like the same things and I believe he is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever dated. I felt so close to him and I’ve shared so many things with him that I cant even count. I was so caught off guard when he said he wanted to break up, thank god he broke up with me in the nicest possible way. I guess I’m still so surprised that I cant believe it. It feels so wrong to be without the person I have feelings for. Every time I see his face I want to cry. Of course I hold it in because it feels embarrassing when everyone goes crazy and says “WHAT’S WRONG!!!!TELL ME PLEASE!!!!” and it only makes it worse. My friend, unfortunately, saw right through me because she had to say “Go to your boyfriend” right when I just started to focus on other things at that moment. I didn’t know what to say so she saw right through me. I guess that’s why we have friends, they are there to support you and can see right through you at the most  inconvenient of times. I guess, I love my friends because of this ability. I feel slightly happier because of their support.




To: Violet From: Mom

Dear Vi,

There is so much greatness in you my love.  You are so artistic, imaginative, and creative.  I want you to have a place to share that safely with the world.

I also want to protect you.  I want you to write anonymously without fear of judgment.  I want you to draw without fear of criticism.  I want you to have a place where you can be YOU.

Sometimes its hard for you to understand social ease.  That’s okay, you don’t want to be like everyone else anyway.  YOU just be YOU.  In your real life, you are forced to conform to courtesies and contexts that you didn’t chose for yourself.  I want you to have this blog to be, say, do, whatever you want, without worrying if its rude, inappropriate, or too much for someone to handle.

Just be YOU.  Use this blog as you wish…