Cat Facts (my way of describing them)

Please read these facts. I think they will be kind of amusing and accurate.


Cats are like Women on their period.
One second they are friendly and want your affection.The next second they are turning around and biting you, out of no where, for no reason.

I don’t think cats look at us and think ‘hey lovely’.I think they look at us and think ‘hey fatty.I’m better than you.What’s for dinner?’.

(This one I found in a fanfiction I read and agreed.)
Cats are like demons.They are independent and give affection when they want to.

Cats do some of the strangest things, like tackling the Christmas tree.

Cats plot our death every single day.They give up, in each attempt, when you put them in ecstasy, every time you give them affection, in places they like.

Older cats are the best buddies for watching TV all day.

My cat Sadie.Most of these things I’ve learned from her.